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Your brand on new platforms.

A programmatic buying platform that connects brands with shoppers on and off the Carousell platform at the right place, time and channel.

Why Connect?

Connect with your intended audiences wherever they are

Leverage our first-party data to learn more about how you can connect with over 500 passionate communities on and off Carousell.

Access to formats

Gain access to formats such as video, display, audio, high-impact and DOOH across the open internet, including CTV/OTT apps.

Drive actions across the full marketing funnel

With the wide variety of ad formats that target different sections of the marketing funnel and ability to retarget audiences, you can run full-funnel campaigns to drive awareness, consideration and performance.

How does Connect work?

1Select the audiences you want to target for your campaign
2These audiences will be made available via our DSP
3 Extend your campaign reach by targeting and retargeting your audiences across their online journey

Types of Advertising Formats

Upper Funnel

  • High Impact Format
  • Online Video and CTV/OTT
  • Audio
  • DOOH

Mid / Low Funnel

  • Display
  • Native
  • Rich Media
  • Social Extension

Full Funnel

  • Display
  • Rich Media
  • Social Extension

Get started with Connect

Reach new and existing audiences on and off Carousell. Click the button below to get in touch with an account executive today.

Client Testimonials

Growth Marketing Lead, Endowus

Jason Teo

It’s a pleasure working with the Carousell team. Even though it’s only our first campaign together, the team had a good grasp of our objectives and were proactive in optimisation and coming up with new ideas and recommendations. The team also went above and beyond to ensure smoothness of our campaign when we encountered technical difficulties. Overall a great experience with Carousel!!
Search Engine Marketing Lead, Decathlon

Charles Tan

We partnered with Carousell Media Group for the first time during our 2021 11.11 campaign in Singapore. Using the new advertising offering called Connect, we targeted active lifestyle shoppers and fitness enthusiasts. Through the platform’s strong affinity with the young fitness-focused community, we generated a large number of website traffic which exceeded our initial expectations from the campaign. Moreover, Connect managed to helped us scale this tactical campaign and reach more users in what was a competitive period.

Performance Marketing Manager, Income

Dominic Seow

We were exploring tapping onto apps with high and recurring traffic and found Carousell. Decided to try out a small campaign with them through their premium inventories and noticed some encouraging results. We returned to Carousell for another campaign subsequently and coincided with their launch of Connect. We gave it another go and it brought some decent results and decided to invest further into the platform.
Performance and Digital Marketing Manager, M1

Andy Ang

We are always on the lookout for alternative channels to communicate M1’s great deals and offerings. Carousell offered granular targeting options that suited our need to deliver personalised message to the right audience at the right time. There are promising results driven from this collaboration, looking forward to more.
Mobile Product Marketing Senior Manager, MyRepublic

Rui Hang Foo

We were looking for efficient ways to expand our reach to potential high-intent and affinity audiences in a highly saturated Mobile & Broadband market. Carousell Media Group offered an alternative platform to tap on direct audiences and reach them across different stages of their digital user journey. This empowered us to stay top-of-mind on our target audience. We are excited to see greater results from this collaboration moving forward.


By running OTT via Connect, we will be able to help you: 

  1. Manage and control frequency capping
  2. Consolidate reporting across various OTT publishers
  3. Make your job easier, as you would only need to liaise with us, as compared to liaising with various OTT vendors

It depends on your budget – the higher the budget, the more OTT vendors we can include for your campaign. Generally, we run with the Top 3 biggest players in each market (OTT vendors with a larger audience pool size).

We usually do not recommend whitelisting as it can significantly restrict campaign scale. However, should there be a need, we can create a separate ad group that targets premium sites/ apps on a case by case basis.