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Promotional Byline

Promotional Byline

Drive conversions and reach “sales-ready” shoppers.

Target users at the bottom of the marketing funnel and introduce your offerings and services alongside product listings.

What are Promotional Byline Ads

An interactive advertising format that appears at the bottom of a product listing.

Better targeting

Users who would view Promotional Byline ads would have already shown initial interest in making a purchase and/or are evaluating the product against their needs and preferences – i.e. reaching users at the bottom of the marketing funnel.

Increased conversion rates

By focusing on users who are already interested in a related product and are close to making a purchase, these ads can be highly effective at converting leads into customers and driving them to your site.

Higher return on investment (ROI)

Since the target users are more likely to make a purchase, the ROI on these ads can be higher compared to ads targeted at earlier stages of the funnel.

Get started with Promotional Byline Ads

Connect with shoppers who are already at the conversion stage of the marketing funnel by showcasing your products and services on native listings that they are interested in. Click the button below to get in touch with an account executive today.