Carousell Shopping Ads

Carousell Shopping Ads

This ad product targets users based on the context/content of the page it is served on.

It delivers higher CTRs & lower CPMs due to relevancy of the ad, & is brand safe.

Carousell Shopping serves only on the Search/Browse & Listing Details page. 

Carousell Shopping Ads’ Model considers the following parameters while targeting an ad: Keyword, Demographics  & User Interest


Details & Best Practices:

  • Campaign objective: Consideration [CPC buying]
  • Great for brands with large product catalogs that want to capture purchase intent on Carousell. This ad product is relevant for any brand that is looking for higher CTRs
  • Current Benchmark CTR: 0.5 to 0.8% 

With millions of browsing, searching, buying and selling intent, discover how you can tap on Carousell’s unique Advertising and Audience Solutions to bring your brand to life.