Homepage Billboard

Homepage Billboard

Internal Placement Name:  {Android/iOS/Desktop}_SPC_Banner

Template: Native SPC , App – Homepage SPC

Platforms: Android/iOS/Web/MWeb

Nature: Native

Location: Homepage, ATF, first slot of Carousell, autoscroll in 5sec, SPC on first 5 sessions will be on position 3

Safety frame: 120px from top & bottom, 200px from left & right

Targeting: userId, age, gender, custom

Tracking: impressions, viewable impressions, clicks

URLs: standard url, external deeplinks, Branch for internal deeplinks (not ideal for iOS)

Creative: 2250x915px, .png/.jpg/.gif, round edges will be applied to creative

Third party impression tracking: yes

Third party click tracking: yes

Creative rules: Branding/Reach campaigns, CTA, disclaimer &  “Ad” tag needs to be part of the creative

Estimates on performance per country (ROS):

Impressions 550k 400k 100k 200k
Reach 420k 200k 115k 120k

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