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Case Study: Ninja Van


To increase adoption of Ninja Packs for non-fragile items among Carousell users.


We targeted Carousell users who listed in Women’s Fashion, Health & Beauty, Babies & Kids, Books & Stationery, Design & Craft and users who have listed poly mailers as their preferred mailing methods.

Platform Insight

Out of Native Double Panel, Native Promo Byline, Native Inbox Ads, Inbox Ads performed the best at 0.67% CTR as users were ready to purchase / find out more about mailing methods at the last stage of purchase. The CTA directed users to Ninja Pack’s order page where users can immediately add Ninja Packs to cart.

Client Testimonial

Carousell provides a quality and dedicated account management team which is highly responsive, proactive, and agile to change. The team takes the initiative to introduce new opportunities and solutions to improve campaign performance. Overall, our experience has been unrivalled and we are truly satisfied with their service.

To increase adoption