Native Video Ad

Native Video Ad

Template: Native video content ad

Platforms: Android/iOS

Nature: Native

Location: Search/Browse/Listing, after 6/46/86/etc listings on search, always BTF

Targeting: userId, age, gender, search term, category id, custom

Tracking: impressions, viewable impressions, clicks, completions, view time*

URLs: standard url, deeplink carousell, external deeplinks

Creative video: 16:9, max 30MB, recommended length below 30s, many video files**

Autoplay & Sound: Autoplay when 50% in view, sound only on click

Thumbnail picture: 16:9 ratio, recommended 1280 x 720

English max. characters: Headline 45, Description 48, CTA 15, Advertiser Name 25

Advertiser logo: 1:1 ratio of creative, round, .png/.jpg

*Impressions = video has started to play; Viewable Impression = video is 50% in view and played for at least 2 seconds

*WebM files (Vp8, Vorbis), MPEG4, 3GPP, MOV (h264, mpeg4, AAC), AVI (MJPEG, PCM), MPEGPS (MPEG2, MP2), WMV

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