Malls of Frasers Property

April 6, 2020 Carousell Media Group

Malls of Frasers Property

Integrated campaign to drive footfall into 12 Frasers malls around Singapore

Fraser malls wanted to increase footfall to 12 of their malls.

Increasing awareness

To leverage the organic behaviour of Carousell buyers and sellers who physically meet up in MRTs or physical landmarks to transact, an overarching branding collaboration of branding Frasers Malls as “Trusted Meet Up Spot” was formed to raise the awareness to Carousell users to meet up in Frasers malls around Singapore, thereby increasing foot traffic into the malls.

Incentivizing user traffic through promotions

To further drive users to visit each store within the mall, tenants of respective malls also offers special promotions redeemable only by Carousell users, for example “LiHo 1-for-1 bubble tea promotion” “Q&M Dental Surgery discount” “25% off dining” within the 3 months from May to July 2018.

Now, how do we connect the right users to the right malls?

By analyzing our geo data, we formed 12 segments of Carousell users who are living or working within 1km radius of each mall.

Then, utilizing various ad units we promoted “Special Deals by your nearest Frasers mall!” which created a highly relevant targeted messaging for users who live or work within the area. Upon clicking, users will land into a dedicated landing page containing promotions of the respective mall.

Tactical offline events for hype

To further boost PR buzz, we organized 3 events for Carousell and Frasers Centrepoint collaboration:

  • Charity Clothes Buffet
  • Creative Market
  • Kids Wonderland



2.3Mil+ users reached from April-Aug 2018

 223% increase in number of users who chose Frasers Malls as their meet-up spot on Carousell app/web, April-Aug 2018 vs April-Aug 2017


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