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Case Study: M1


Drive sales for M1’s iPhone and Samsung mobile deals.

Platform Insight

With granular targeting options available, Carousell was able to be as intent-driven as possible, and identify and reach the correct users based on Carousell signals.


In order to target shoppers at every stage of their buying journeys, native double panel ads were run to reach users at the consideration stage when they are browsing relevant categories, while native inbox ads helped to reach users at the Conversion Stage when they are already chatting with other sellers to purchase a mobile phone.

The campaign was further amplified on connect to continue reaching these high-intent users across the open internet.


01 3 M+
02 6 K+
clicks - exceeded campaign KPI by 17%
03 277 +
conversions within a month

Client Testimonial

We are always on the lookout for alternative channels to communicate M1’s great deals and offerings. Carousell offered granular targeting options that suited our need to deliver personalised message to the right audience at the right time. There are promising results driven from this collaboration, looking forward to more.

Andy Ang
Performance and Digital Marketing Manager, M1