Homepage Interstitial

Homepage Interstitial

Platforms: Android/iOS

Nature: Custom Native

Location: Homepage, after app open, frequency cap of 1 per user per 24hrs for a 1 day campaign, 1 per user per 48 hours for a 2 or more day campaign, excl. newly registered users in the last 7 days

Targeting: userId, age, gender, custom

Tracking: impressions, clicks, dismissals, time in view

URLs: standard url, external deeplink, internal deeplink, in-app browser

Creative: 640×960 (1:1.5), .png/.jpg/.gif

CTA character limit (English characters): 20

Interactions: auto-close after 6 seconds, timer available, skippable from beginning, close when pressing on black-opaque underlay

Estimates on performance per country:


Frequency cap 1 per
user per day incl AB
200k 100k / 12 hrs 35K 75k
With frequency cap 1
per 48 hours
200k 50k To be tested 35k

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