Video Interstitial

Video Interstitial

Platforms: Android/iOS

Nature: Custom Native

Location: Homepage, after app open, frequency cap of 1 per user per 48hrs, excl. newly registered users in the last 7 days

Targeting: userId, age, gender, custom

Tracking: impressions, dismissals, time in view

URLs: standard url, external deeplink, internal deeplink

Creative: 9:16, max 30MB, video length recommendation < 20sec

Interactions: autoplay, no sound on start, user needs to click on unmute to play sound, skippable, tab and hold on creative will pause the video, interstitial wil autocollapse when video has finished

CTA character limit (English characters): 20

Creative rules: Disclaimer & “Ad” tag needs to be part of the creative.

Estimates on performance per country (ROS):

Impressions 1.5M 740k 380k 380k
Reach 420k 200k 115k 120k


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