Burger King

Goal To raise awareness about Burger King’s new seasonal menu during the Chinese New Year period Platform Insight 1 in 3 SIngaporeans visit Carousell every month and 70% of Carousell’s user base comprises Millenials and Gen Zs – the perfect target market for fast-food chains to promote their exclusive seasonal offering. Approach In order to […]

Ninja Van

Goal To increase adoption of Ninja Packs for non-fragile items among Carousell users. Approach We targeted Carousell users who listed in Women’s Fashion, Health & Beauty, Babies & Kids, Books & Stationery, Design & Craft and users who have listed poly mailers as their preferred mailing methods. Platform Insight Out of Native Double Panel, Native […]


Goal To increase AirAsia travel bookings. Platform Insight The spike in Travel category nearing December signaled a strong user intent around year end and CNY holidays. Behavior Insight Historically, travel has always been in the list of the top 5 resolutions for every New Year. (Engagement campaign) Execution Every Carousell user who has shopped within […]


Goal To generate leads for Income’s financial advisors. Platform insight We targeted 3 user groups that are suitable for Income’s products and services – Savvy Planner, Aspiring Professionals, Family with Kids amounting to over 1M+ relevant Carousell audiences. Approach A mix of high-visibility advertisements, including Homepage Billboards and Interstitials, along with Connect, were strategically employed […]


Case Study: UNIQLO Goal A collaboration between UNIQLO and Klook to inspire Singaporeans to travel locally and drive awareness for UNIQLO’s LifeWear brand. Approach Users who shopped with UNIQLO during the campaign period received amazing freebies such as Fitness Equipment, Airism Masks and Klook Vouchers. We targeted Carousell users who showed a high affinity to […]


Goal To increase awareness and drive sales for Starbucks Capsules on Starbucks’s Lazada Store. Platform Insight Carousell saw a huge surge in coffee-lovers in H1 of 2020. In August alone, there were 400K+ users who had either searched for keywords like nespresso, or viewed a coffee-related listing on the platform. These users were the high-intent […]


Goal To generate leads for Manulife’s Financial Advisors. Approach Manulife conducted a nationwide sneaker drop through a lucky draw, releasing a total of 7 sneakers across the 5-week campaign. To participate, interested users were required to provide their name and contact information via an external lead generation form. These leads were subsequently shared with Manulife’s […]

Workforce Singapore

Goal To drive rank-and-file jobseekers application for Workforce Singapore. Approach Granular audience segments (e.g. administrators, sales professionals, and drivers) were meticulously developed to effectively target jobseekers with the right profiles and serve relevant job advertisements through Carousell inventories and Audience Extension. To create a seamless user journey, a dedicated Carousell profile for Workforce Singapore was […]

Ministry of Communications and Information

Goal To inspire fellow Singaporeans to turn their passions into actions and remain resilient despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Approach A “How To” video series with actionable takeaways, named #ThisisSG, which features 6 success stories of Singaporeans who have taken that leap of faith to pursue their passions in times of crisis via Carousell -a free […]

Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment

Goal To inspire and raise awareness about how Singaporeans are taking steps towards practising sustainability in their everyday lives, in support of the Singapore Green Plan. Approach Through a 5-part branded video content series, Carousell Media Group showcased the success stories of 5 eco-minded Carousellers who are contributing to sustainability in their own ways. The […]