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Case Study: MyRepublic


To promote MyRepublic’s Mobile and Broadband campaigns.

Platform Insight

A/B testing was done to ensure that we are targeting users with the highest intent to convert.

Targeting groups include:

  • Telco Audiences
  • Lifestage Audiences
  • Interest Audiences


A variety of native advertising units were run to reach Carousellers at every stage of their user journey, without seeming intrusive to shoppers. Placements include: Single Panel, Double Panel, and Inbox Ads. Connect was also utilised to further expand campaign reach, and target users across other publishers, beyond Carousell.


01 15 M+
02 12 K+
clicks - exceeded campaign KPI by 17%

Client Testimonial

We were looking for efficient ways to expand our reach to potential high-intent and affinity audiences in a highly saturated Mobile & Broadband market. Carousell Media Group offered an alternative platform to tap on direct audiences and reach them across different stages of their digital user journey. This empowered us to stay top-of-mind on our target audience. We are excited to see greater results from this collaboration moving forward.

Rui Hang Foo
Mobile Product Marketing Senior Manager, MyRepublic