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Case Study: Alcon


To raise awareness for Alcon’s rewards program and eventually drive traffic to Alcon’s retail stores.

Platform Insight

Sports Equipment is the 6th most visited category on Carousell in 2021. Based on Carousell’s first-party data, there were over 800K bikers and gym enthusiasts within the last 3 months of 2021 alone. These are high-intent shoppers who are engaging in active lifestyles – the perfect target market for Alcon, who is looking to promote its contact lens product to sporty individuals.


A combination of high-impact advertising formats, such as Homepage Billboards and Interstitials, was used throughout the 8-week campaign.

Client Testimonial

We were looking for an alternative advertising channel, and found Carousell a great fit given its scale in the local market. As our objectives centered around the top of the marketing funnel, we focused on high-visibility placements. We will definitely consider running a performance campaign next to tap into Carousell’s granular targeting capabilities.
Daryl Ng
Commercial Manager, Alcon